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Mechanical Department


    Considering the ever-increasing progress in sciences and its due influence in the development of human societies and the important role of mechanical engineering science in the country's industrial expansion, Adiban College is considering to use young motivated instructors having industrial experiences to train mechanical engineers and also fostering expert graduates in the industrial fields for the ever-increasing glory of our beloved country. Adiban College has also started admitting students for its associate degree program in welding, machinery equipment, and cartography. For the purpose of expanding its scientific activities, the college started admitting students in two areas of graduate degrees in machinery equipment and also associate degree in auto mechanics in 2012. Also, in 2013, the college admitted students in the fields of auto-mechanic engineering technology and mechanical engineering for a graduate program. We hope that with the grace of God and the current academic means at our disposal, in the near future, we will witness the glorification of an Islamic Iran and the ever-increasing progress of Adiban College.