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Computer Department



    In the beginning of Adiban's establishment in 2006, because of the country's need for computer technicians, it started admitting students for its software technology engineering program. As the country's young generation became more and more interested in this field, and also the advancement of educational facilities in software and hardware programs and absorbing new academic board and also the elevation and progress of the teaching staff in 2009, the college succeeded in attracting students in hardware technology engineering and computer programming for an associate degree. The progress continued until the college succeeded to attract students for computer software courses and the architecture of computer systems for a graduate degree. We need to mention that our graduate students in these two groups have succeeded to achieve higher ranks in reputable universities such as the University of Tehran, Elm-o-Sanat University, Shiraz University and other reputable universities in other countries. Also, the students in these two groups have attended different regional and national contests for ACM programming and have had active participation in the region of west Asia and robotic contests.