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Electrionic Department


    The academic staff in the field of electronic engineering started working in 2006, having in mind the goal of conducting advanced research solving the country's academic and industrial problems, providing good academic and research opportunities for studious students in the field of electrical engineering related to telecommunications, electronics and energy. Within two years, as the

College increased its academic force and managed to attract students for its electronics course of study at the associate and undergraduate levels. As the college continued its efforts in the area of academic expansion and increasing its laboratory capabilities in 2009, it succeeded in attracting students for an undergraduate degree in the field of switch. In 2010, the college started undergraduate programs in the fields of telecommunications engineering, electric engineering, electronic engineering and associate degrees in electronics, industrial electrics and electric services. In 2012, the college succeeded in admitting students for telecommunications engineering in its graduate program (system inclination). In 2013, the college succeeded to get students for a graduate degree in electronic engineering and technological engineering (ICT).  As planned, in September of 2014, Adiban  College  has been able to attract students for a graduate program in medical engineering.