robotic exosuits help workers lift heavy loads

In-store tests with Lowe's employees provided an exciting — and rare — chance for the suit's engineers to connect directly with users and see its real-world applications as it was being developed, co-designer Taylor Pesek, a master's degree candidate in mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech, said in a statement.

"Projects such as the Lowe's exosuit really provide an opportunity for engineers who sit behind desks most of the time to really reach out and help other people," Pesek said.

"My background was in robotics, where the technology was incredible, but still years away from showing up in everyday life," he said. "The exciting thing about this exosuit is that it will already be directly assisting people as it's being developed."

Lowe's officials will track the performance of the suits to determine the best course for expanding their use into more locations. The Virginia Tech team, meanwhile, will continue to explore other applications for the wearable lift-assisting technology. 

Original article on Live Science.

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