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Adiban of Glance

In this era of new and superior information technology and in the arena of nation's efforts for getting access to the secrets of sustaining pride and permanency , universities undoubtedly as the main center of providing knowledge for people play an important role ; therefore, their expansion can be the pillars of development in all dimension and aspects. Adiban college was established in 2006 in accordance with license number 3927/22 dated 05/06/2006 issued by the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology. This college opened its doors to the students in Garmsar at a distance of 60 kilometers from Tehran. This college is a pioneer in education, research, production and spreading useful knowledge and technology based on Islamic and revolutionary identity. In fact, this college is currently continuing its activities in 42 academic fields at the levels of associate, undergraduate and graduate Degrees, admitting more than 3,000 students. Adiban College has, so far, depending on its capabilities, has been successful in the growth of its capacity and quality. It has successfully provided a suitable environment for the progress of the students for sustaining the road towards culture, knowledge, and the advancement of researches in accordance with the city of Garmsar's peculiarities and conditions. With the grace of God, very soon, we will witness the blossom of an Islamic Iran and the ever-increasing progress of Adiban College.

graduation ceremony

Graduation Celebration on 11 May Year 2017

Students evening entertainment

Students evening entertainment in the historic village Padeh 26 April 2017

First International Conference on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

First International Conference on Computer Science and Electrical Engineering 2&3 February 2016

Field of education Adiban Institute of Higher Education
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Field of education
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Field of education
  • COMPUTER ENGINEERING Field of education1
  • Civil ENGINEERING Field of education
  • Management Field of education
  • Art Field of education

  Master's Degree: Mechanical Engineering - Applied Mechanics
Bachelor's Degree: Manufacturing Technology Machine Tools
Bachelor's Degree: Molding Technology Engineering
Bachelor's Degree: Mechanical Engineering - Technology Vehicle
Bachelor's Degree: Refrigeration technology heat engineering plants
Associate's Degree: Industrial Drawing Associate's Degree: Manufacturing
Associate's Degree: Auto Mechanic
Master's Degree: Electrical Engineering
Master's Degree: Electrical Power Engineering
Master's Degree: Electrical engineering telecommunications
Bachelor's Degree: Engineering Technology ICT
Bachelor's Degree: Engineering Technology telecommunications Switches
Bachelor's Degree: Biomedical Engineering
Associate's Degree : General Electronics
Associate's Degree : Industrial electricity
Associate's Degree : Electrical Installations
Master's Degree: Computer Engineering - Software
Master's Degree: Computer Architecture Engineering
Master's Degree: Information Technology Engineering
Master's Degree: Information Technology Computer Networks Engineering
Bachelor's Degree :Computer Engineering - Software
Associate's Degree : Computer Software
Bachelor's Degree: Civil Engineering
Master's Degree : Accounting
Bachelor's Degree : Accounting
Bachelor's Degree : Financial Management
Associate's Degree : Accounting
Bachelor's Degree : Acting
Bachelor's Degree : Graphics
Associate's Degree : Sewing Design
Associate's Degree : Animation
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